-Services EDI4Business can offer
"…many of the features would allow us to fully embrace paperless billing for our utility services worldwide."
- Mike Delroy, Sanofi
"EDI4Business has always provided us with adequate solutions, effectively, efficiently, and quickly"
-Gary Watts, Gateshead Council
"I see a great opportunity for this software not only to reduce the administrative burden but also to achieve real cost savings and improve environmental credentials."
-Paul Lucas, Brett Oils
Simple to use system

The cloud based system translates all incoming data and enables you to view the EDI data on screen in a user friendly format.
EDI4Business goes one step further to make your bill processing even simpler. We not only provide the translator but by mapping the incoming data to a generic database schema, it can extract the data according to the supplier’s own utilisation of the format. This enables you to seamlessly change suppliers at the end of a contract period. Both half hourly and non-half hourly electricity billing is supported by the EDI4Business system.

Highlights billing errors

The EDI4Business system checks all invoices and cross references all data. If an invoice is incorrect or relates to a property that is not yours the system detects this and immediately highlights the document in question. All the calculations on each line are systematically checked to ensure accuracy. If any discrepancies are found, the bill marked and the user can reject the invoice or add the invoice to a query log for further investigation. While translating the raw data, the system also checks the published/negotiated tariff rates that your provider has given you against the figures used for the calculations, if the figures don’t match up the system will highlight the errors for your attention.

Maximises cost benefits

Bills can be processed in a matter of minutes using EDI4busness. This translates to instant savings for you. As EDI4Business allows you to fully embrace paperless billing, you will save both time and resources. EDI4Business gives you the opportunity to save money by negotiating a paperless billing and prompt payment discount. Using the Tariff Analysis Tool, it is also possible to check the bill against a previous or alternative tariff to ensure that your organisation continues to save money can be checked against alternative tariffs to ensure that your organisation continues to save money.

Cost apportionment & tenant billing

Any fixed charges are automatically apportioned either according to the meter consumption, shared equally between the meters or split any way you choose, the choice is yours.

Each listed meter on the invoice is coded or charged to any number of different financial codes (tenant billing). Once coded, the data can be automatically fed into your organisation’s financial system. E-mails sent out to each building manager or tenant with the billing data relevant to each property they manage, saving hours of staff time.

Generate the reports you need

EDI4Business stores everything in the cloud including the original EDI file, the extracted data and all your premises and meter details, in a single secure database. The powerful reporting module allows access not only to the current EDI data, but also the whole billing history including all debits and credits at the click of a mouse. This means that with very little work you can generate reports (we’ve listed some below) that are important to you.

Reports include:

  • Bill Validation
  • CRC Reports
  • CCL Analysis
  • De-aggregation reports
  • Individual account number reports
  • Full portfolio information
  • Withheld Invoice Information
  • Payment History by Cost Centre
  • Query logs
  • And many others!
Export to financial system

The EDI4Business system doesn’t simply help with your utility billing. The software can provide a feed from the database directly into your organisation’s financial system. Making energy management more efficient and cost effective.

Export to monitoring & targeting system

Using the EDI4Business software doesn’t mean you have to change your current set up. The software can be used to improve efficiency within your existing set up by generating a feed from the database into your existing monitoring and targeting system.

Faster bill paying

Opting for EDI4Business means a more efficient accounting system to handle all utility bills. This translates to a fast turn around of bills, improving cash flow and attracting prompt payment discounts.

If that’s not enough…

The EDI4Business software doesn’t stop there. It can provide year on year comparison graphs of either consumption and/or costs from the stored data. An alert will be generated when a contract is up for renewal and a full portfolio report with the latest annual consumptions can be generated as part of your tender documents to be sent out to selected suppliers. In short, EDI4Business puts you in control over the billing and contract renewal process.

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