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"…many of the features would allow us to fully embrace paperless billing for our utility services worldwide."
- Mike Delroy, Sanofi
"EDI4Business has always provided us with adequate solutions, effectively, efficiently, and quickly"
-Gary Watts, Gateshead Council
"I see a great opportunity for this software not only to reduce the administrative burden but also to achieve real cost savings and improve environmental credentials."
-Paul Lucas, Brett Oils

EDI4Business was set up after realising that there was a serious gap in the market for an easy to use EDI translator for the Tradacoms Utility Bill Format used by most utility providers in the UK. This format has been in use for many years but its level of take-up is still relatively low due to its complexity and its inability to interface easily with the customers own financial system and existing monitoring and targeting (M&T) systems. Additionally most EDI translators ignore the user’s own database of property and meter information making cross checking a difficult and laborious process typically involving spreadsheet and lookup tables. Having read the file, many businesses require that the fixed costs on a bill (Climate Change Levy,  standing Charges etc.) should be apportioned across all the meters on the bill and the cost be split between various cost centres, all impossible with just the basic EDI format. EDI4Business has changed all that. Using the latest ‘Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud technology, the EDI file can be quickly uploaded and translated with out installing any software on your own computers. The same database holds all the users own property/meter, data allowing instant cross checking and reporting on a variety of criteria. The fixed costs are automatically apportioned and the final accumulated costs can be split across a wide number of cost centres.

EDI4Business owner, Bob Wilson said that:

‘if this software were available ten years ago, the take-up of EDI would be far greater than it is. Many more companies would now be trading electronically saving days per month of manually data entry’

Bob was a consultant on the design for Tradacoms Utility Bill 26 V3 and was invited to give a talk at the London Centre for Excellence on his experience of electronic billing while working for both Newcastle and Gateshead Councils. The software has been developed with help and assistance from Sunderland University’s Software Hatchery and with grants from Sunderland Council and North East England Investment Centre.

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