EDI4Business is an affordable independent Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) translating system for utility billing that saves you time and money for organisations that energy manage many buildings.
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Why use edi4business?
To name a few good reasons...
Saves Time
Bills are processed in a matter of minutes using EDI4Business. This quick turn around translates into instant savings for you.
Saves Money
Using EDI4Business means paperless billing which in itself can attract handsome discounts. Faster payment can also mean prompt payment discounts.
Saves Resources
No more manual data entry and no more data entry errors. All utility bill data is stored in the cloud saving on server room resources and filing cabinet space.
Features and benefits:
How we can help you...
Fully Automated
EDI4Business software covers all steps in the process from receiving the EDI bill to producing the finance reports.
Faster bill payment
We utilize a more efficient database system to handle all utility bills meaning a fast turnaround, improved cash flow and attracting prompt payment discounts.
No more manual entry
Using EDI4Business software manual, data entry errors are a thing of the past. Days spent in front of the computer will be reduced to minutes, thus freeing up staff time.
Highlights Billing Errors
Our software automatically checks all bills for accuracy and checks each bill against your own property and meter portfolio to ensure that you're not being overcharged.
Cloud Based System
The system is set up on the latest cloud based technology using Microsoft Azure and Silverlight.
Precision engineered
Written to an exact specification based on many man years of billing experience using EDI for large organisations.
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